Succeeding in international markets

Research projects under this theme address New Zealand’s international trade, marketing and management, and seek to answer questions of strategic relevance to our export or foreign exchange earning companies and organisations.

How can New Zealand and its enterprises succeed in international markets? In recent years, our governments have prioritised improving the competitiveness of biological industries and developing premium products in response to global consumer preferences, as has the University. We seek to work with this emphasis but not restricting ourselves to any particular industry, given that service industries (e.g., tourism, education, software, engineering consultancy) are major foreign exchange earners.

Research projects funded under this theme address important questions relating to New Zealand’s international trade, marketing and management. These will be questions of strategic relevance to the export (or foreign exchange earning) performance of New Zealand companies and organisations, and the financial, ethical, legal, regulatory and policy framework that relates to them.

Research stories

A selection of stories about the work of Business School academic staff and postgraduate students in the area of international business success.