Join with us

An invitation to join us to build a prosperous future for our people, our economy and our country.

We live in a period of unprecedented and rapid change. Disruption, risk and opportunity confront us in equal measure. Such exceptional times call for exceptional responses – radically new ways to think and act.

The role of research universities

Research universities have a unique role in meeting this challenge. They generate new knowledge and provide the highest levels of formal education. They create – immediately, and for the longer term – opportunities for our society to adapt to the technological revolution and the changing nature of work; to respond to explosive new diseases and intractable old ones; to give all our young people access to high quality education; to address the needs of an ageing population; and to limit and adapt to climate change and environmental pressures.

What we are doing

For the University of Auckland, this has special meaning as we prepare future generations, and future leaders, for a very different world.  Through teaching, research and innovation, and especially in areas where we have proven strengths, we seek to advance our levels of achievement and increase our contribution to society.

Our campaign

The generosity, trust and support of past donors has already enabled us to make significant contributions to our community. Now the University has launched a campaign to build partnerships and raise funds to support this important work. It will provide the enhanced resources and strengthened capability needed to have a lasting impact on the challenges we face – to ask audacious questions, and to be ambitious in our search for answers. Only by working together can we answer the challenge. Will you join us?