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Utilise our careers service to chart your career path, with the help of our appointments, career workshops, employer events and other resources.

Information about the career pathways for different majors, as well as links to other useful resources.

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How to search for jobs, meet employers, gain networking skills and hear from previous graduates about their job search.

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Develop your job application skills: master application forms, psychometric testing, and interviews.

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Meet with our Business School career advisers to plan your next step.

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View the individual workshops for more information and registration details.

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A career development programme for first year Business students to help you understand your career opportunities and how to manage your career.

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Bridge between university study and your future work life, with in-person and virtual internships opportunities in New Zealand and overseas.

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Career Leaders are a student volunteering group who work closely with the University of Auckland Business School Careers Centre.

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Women business students: would you like to play golf with business mentors?

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The Business School Careers Centre is a service specifically set up to provide specialised support to Business School students. Find out more about our services and how we can support you to find meaningful employment.

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Meet the Business School's Student Development team.

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In addition to receiving specialized support from the Business School Careers Centre, you can also visit the separate, central careers service, CDES.

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