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Find out how to make the most of MyCDES+, an online career development tool you can use to enhance your employability.

What is MyCDES+?

Though my MyCDES+ you have access to advertised jobs in New Zealand and internationally, as well as career assessment and aptitude tests and a continually expanding portfolio of online employability and career development tools, resources, assessments, videos and e-learning courses.

The video below will provide you with an overview.

After that we have provided a brief summary of the differences between MyCDES and MyCDES+ as you will be using both platforms. This is then followed with a more indepth look at MyCDES+ and where to start.

My CDES and MyCDES+ What is the difference?


MyCDES and MyCDES+ are the University of Auckland's online career management platforms.

MyCDES is the original platform. You  will still use it to:

  • Make appointments
  • Book events and workshops

MyCDES+ is the platform you will use to:

  • Search and apply for jobs via our job board, including internships and graduate programmes, part-time/casual roles and full-time positions
  • Access a continually expanding portfolio of online employability and career development tools, resources, assessments, videos and elearning courses
  • Enhance your job applications, especially your CV and cover letters and interview skills

There is a lot to explore in MyCDES+

Here are just some of the things you will find there:

Interactive tools: CV/Resume 360 and Builder, Cover Letter
Builder, Interview Simulator, Elevator Pitch Builder, Assessment Centre Training,
Task and Document Manager, LinkedIn Business Networking, Job Search Engine.

Career assessments: personality, temperament,
strengths, learning styles, decision-making, assertiveness, emotional control,
management skills, giving feedback, stress management, workplace culture,

Aptitude tests: numerical, verbal, inductive, diagrammatic,
logical, situational judgement, critical thinking, error checking, e-tray, CAPP.

Career content: 500 employer and career coach videos,
2,500 career articles and latest news, 15 industry reports, 350 business and IT skills
e-learning courses, 2,000 career path videos, 600 e-learning resources.

Where do I start?

You could just go in and browse. Have a look around and do some self-exploration. This is absolutely fine.

Our top navigation tip is to use the blue menu bar at the top of the page.

If you would like to get some guidance about what to look at first, then think about your aims and what stage you are at. Do you want to:

  • Explore your personality and career interests and develop your employability?
  • Explore what careers you may be interested in, where your majors may lead you?
  • Search and apply for jobs (or are you getting ready to do so)?

Have a look at some of the suggestions below based on what your aims may be.  

Explore yourself, develop your employability



This is a self-assessment tool which is a good place to start. It measures your employability by:

  • Asking you to rate yourself on a collection of statements designed to assess career confidence
  • Generating employability reports which advise you about the next steps for continued
    employability development
  • Suggesting programmes of activity to work through, designed for each of your
  •  Allowing you to retake at any time, to continue real-time employability

MyCareer assessments

These aim to help you understand your motivations, preferences and values and what you are capable of.

Scroll through the assessments, when you find one that interests you click on ‘Take Assessment’. Once you’ve taken it, you can access your results beneath the assessment panel anytime, or re-take the assessment. The progress bar at the top shows you how far you’ve got in completing the full set of assessments. ‘My reports’ gives you access to all your reports.

Career E-learning

This is an e-learning hub where you will discover and develop new career and business skills though videos, learning courses, tips and articles that will take you between 2 and 20 minutes to complete. A tip is that you can search for topics using the search bar e.g. networking, strengths, innovation, job search, IT skills.

Explore majors and careers

There is a lot of information in the MyCareer Advice section. While much of the information has been written for a UK audience, it can still be relevant to New Zealand.

Career Pathways

These videos are a good place to start as they give you real life career stories and the inside view on a range of roles.

Find jobs



This jobs board gives you access to the comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date source of jobs – both in New Zealand and globally. You can search millions of jobs, in over 50 countries, from thousands of job sites, newspapers, recruiters and company career sites and set up email alerts when new jobs are found matching your criteria.

Apply for jobs

There is a lot of information in MyApplication Tools. You could start with:


This is an online tool where you can get feedback and tips on how to improve your CV. It is scored against more than 50 checks and you will get feedback on your presentation, structure, content and language. You can submit your CV more than once – just click on ‘View Feedback’ and then click on ‘Re-score’. You can also get a brand new CV scored too. 

See the video for tips on how to use CV360 at the end of this section.

No matter what your score is do please come and see us in the Business School Careers Centre in the Owen Glen Building to get your CV checked by a person. You can either:

  • Come to drop-in during semester time in the Business Student Centre (12-2, Monday to Friday) to get advice from one of our Career Leaders
  • Use our online check service
  • Make an appointment with a career adviser (yes you can make an appointment for a CV and cover letter check) 

If you’ve taken CV360 then do bring your report with you. We can also check your cover letter and LinkedIn profile. And remember we have workshops on topics such as CVs and cover letters and LinkedIn.

Cover letter builder

If you need help writing a cover letter, this tool breaks it down for you into four easy sections. Click 'Learn more'; to find out more about cover letters or 'Create your cover letter' to start creating.


Interview360 gives you tailored feedback on your interview performance and tips on how you can improve. It provides feedback on your:

  • Body language
  • Communication and Speech  
  • Camera Position  
  • Video Quality

You can also make an appointment with the Business School Careers Centre for a practice interview.

Below are two videos for tips on how to use CV360 and Interview 360.