Come and see us

Need help with your job application? No idea about your career direction? Want some personalised advice? We can help you.

CV, cover letter, application form and LinkedIn profile checks

If you would like these checked, you have a variety of options:

  • Drop-in and see us in the Business School Careers Centre
  • Online check by the Business School Careers
  • Make an appointment with a career adviser


Drop-in to the Business Student Centre (level one of OGGB, room 131, past the Tech Hub) to see one of our Career Leaders, 12-2pm, Monday to Friday during semester. You can just come in, no need to make an appointment.

Drop-in is held in semester one and two. During exam time and the breaks you can use our online check service (see below) or make an appointment to see a Careers Adviser.

Online check

You can upload your CV, cover letter, application form and/or LinkedIn profile to this form (Word docs please). We will get back to you with suggestions as soon as possible. But do be aware that at peak times there can be a delay.


In the Business School you can make an appointment with a Careers Adviser to have checked your CV, cover letter, application form and LinkedIn profile (as well as interview practice, career planning advice etc - see 'Appointments' below).

Make your appointment through MyCDES (career booking system). Instructions on how are at the bottom of this page. 

You can also see us about other career related matters too. See the Appointments section further down this page for more detail.


If you would like to revise your CV before you come and see us then you could use CV360 (but you don't have to - this is optional and entirely up to you).

You can find CV360 on MyCDES+ (career information and job search platform). It is an online tool where you can get feedback and tips on how to improve your CV. It is scored against more than 50 checks and you will get feedback on your presentation, structure, content and language.

This CV360 check is just the first step. The second step is to get your CV reviewed by a person. No matter what your CV360 score is, please come and see us in the Business School Careers Centre (drop-in or appointment).

When you come and see us it would be great if you could bring your report with you. And remember we have workshops on topics such as CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn.

Watch the CV360 video on the Navigate MyCDES+ page, and find out more about this comprehensive platform.  


Would you like to discuss your career with a Business School Careers Adviser? You can make an appointment through MyCDES for anything related to your career, such as:

  • Job interview practice and preparation·     
  • Career options with your major
  • Jobs, industries and job search
  • Networking with recruiters and future colleagues   
  • Career direction    
  • Developing a career plan
  • CV, cover letter, application form advice
  • LinkedIn profile advice

We use a variety of methods and resources to help you gain further career focus.

If it is an online appointment we will send you the Zoom link. If you don’t use Zoom but wish to meet online, make an appointment and then when we email you let us know and we can sort something out.

If you have a quick question, or want to find out more about how we can support you, email us at  

How to book an appointment

How to book on MyCDES

  1. Click on ‘Counselling’ in the top menu bar on the right hand side
  2. Click on 'Request a new appointment'
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow in the Appointment Type box (the first box before date) and select ‘Career Appointment: Business Students’
  4. Scroll down to the very bottom then click on ‘Check Availability’ and a list of all available appointments will be displayed.