Our team

We work alongside our students every day, aiming to deliver a transformational experience. We help them gain the skills they’ll need, as well as an understanding of the world of work, so that they’ll be ready to deliver value to your organisation from day one.

The Student Development team, left to right: Willie Uili, Brendon Potter, Tamsin Kingston, Shaminie Chetty, Hayley Nicholson, Peta Mobberley, Olivia Flack, Tyla Pearse.

Brendon Potter
Student Development Manager
Brendon leads the Student Development and Engagement team. His role is to work with colleagues across the school and with student clubs to make students’ time at university transformative. He leads the team’s delivery of seven pillars of the student experience: health and wellbeing, bridge to business, social networks, challenge, personal awareness, service and fun.  

Hayley Nicholson
Employer Liaison Manager
Hayley develops and supports partnerships with employers, enhancing opportunities for businesses to engage with future talent. She works with employers that are looking to build their brand on campus, develop internships and advertise positions for business school students and graduates.

Olivia Flack
Student Development Adviser
Olivia develops and implements opportunities and access to services that engage, develop and support students through the student lifecycle and improve the student experience. Olivia manages the mentee component of the Business School Women's Mentoring Programme, is the Business School Case Programme co-ordinator and Champions Trophy International Case Competition Event Director.

Peta Mobberley
Career Development Manager
Peta leads career activities in the Business School. She works with students, employers and colleagues in the school to achieve her primary goal of supporting students on their journey to securing meaningful graduate employment.  

Shaminie Chetty
Career Development Employer Liaison and Manager – Graduate School of Management
Shaminie is responsible for the delivery of a full range of careers services to students undertaking a Business Masters. Shaminie works with employers interested in engaging with business masters students and manages the consultancy research project placements for the Master of International Business and Master of Marketing.

Tamsin Kingston
Career Development Adviser
Tamsin delivers career development activities in the Business School. Her primary goal is to support students on their journey to securing meaningful graduate employment. Tamsin works one on one with students, guiding and facilitating their career development through career discussions, interview practice, and CV and cover letter checks.  She also works with Peta to deliver a full suite of career related events and workshops through the year, which includes the Passport to Business programme.

Tyla Pearse
Student Development Adviser
Tyla develops and implements opportunities and access to services that engage, develop and support students through the student lifecycle, and improve the student experience. She creates student communications about wellbeing initiatives, employer positions and career workshops. She establishes and maintains the priority of student health and wellbeing in all aspects of university life.

Willie Uili
Student Support Adviser
Willie is responsible for supporting Māori and Pacific students during their study at the Business School, ensuring a supportive and social environment that focuses on student development and engagement to equip them for meaningful employment. Willie supports both Māori and Pacific student commerce associations, Te Māna Pākihi and Commerce o Pasifika. He also works with employers who are interested in engaging with Māori and Pacific business students.