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The University of Auckland Guide to Theses and Dissertations

This document is a general guide to the presentation and submission of theses and dissertations and contains additional information about related policies and procedures. Your department may also have their own guidelines and requirements so you must consult your supervisor from the outset.

The latest guide is available from the University of Auckland's Theses and dissertations website.

Accounting and Finance dissertations and theses


Student name Title Supervisor
Ha Nguyen CEO Compensation, Board Diversity, Innovation, and Firm Risk
  • AP Alastair Marsden
Citra Amanda Essays on Bank Spatial Competition, Stability and Resolution
  • Prof Dimitris Margaritis
Nishaal Prasad Exploration of the effectiveness of internal audit function in New Zealand
  • Prof David Hay
Isabella Li The Role of Boundary Objects in Management Control System Change: a Longitudinal Study of an Implementation of Casemix in Healthcare
  • Dr Julie Harrison


Student name Title Supervisor
Wanyi Yang The Value of Analyst Recommendations: An International Perspective
  • Prof Henk Berkman
Lina Li When Big 4 Dominance is Broken: The Effect of Audit Industry Structure Change on Auditor Economic Behavior – Evidence from China
  • Prof Steven Cahan
Caroline Bridges What is the purpose and value of Integrated Reporting?
  • Prof David Hay


Student name Title Supervisor
Ramona Zharfpeykan Sustainability reporting, disclosure and performance: An evaluation using triangulation of data and methods
  • Dr Davood Askarany


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Faisal Abdulmohsen Alqahtani Islamic Banking and the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Professor David Mayes
Marco Eugster

Investor Decision Making

  • Professor Henk Berkman 
  • Associate Professor Alastair Marsden
Tze Yuan (David) Lau The Effect of Earnings Management Constraints on Management Earnings Forecasts: Evidence from Japan
  • Professor Norman Wong
  • Professor Steven Cahan
Bee Wah (Grace) Ooi Mandatory Changes in Financial Reporting and Market Efficiency in an Emerging Market (Empirical Evidence from Malaysia)
  • Professor David Mayes
  • Professor Dan Dhaliwal
Omid Sherkat A Multi-Stakeholder Framework for Performance Management of Community Health Services Contractors
  • Professor Paul Rouse
  • Dr Winnie O'Grady
Alan Richard Toy

Privacy Audits: Expectations and Implementation

  • Professor David Hay
  • Associate Professor Gehan Gunasekara


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Mariela Carvajal Gallardo The Effect of the US-Chile Free Trade Agreement on the Earnings Quality of Chilean Firms
  • Professor Steven Cahan
  • Associate Professor Nick Nguyen
Yu Lu The Individual Characteristics of Board Members and Reported Internal Control Weakness: Evidence from China
  • Professor David Hay
  • Dr Chen Chen
Angela Thien Fui Liew Using Information Technology to Enforce Management Controls in New Product Development Processes: Fishing for Innovative New Products
  • Professor Ananth Srinivasan
  • Professor Steve Sutton
Moritz Wagner Essays on Mutual Funds
  • Professor Dimitris Margaritis
  • Dr John Byong-Tek Lee


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Paul Geert Geertsema Financial Contagion and Risk Management
  • Professor Henk Berkman
  • Professor Dimitri Margaritis
Jingwen Mu Firms' Choices to Cross-list Stocks on the U.S. and the U.K. Markets: An Earnings Quality Perspective
  • Professor David Emanuel
  • Professor Vic Naiker
  • Dr Li (Lily) Chen


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Mathew Puravady Abraham Dividend Reinvestment Plans: Evidence from Australian Market
  • Associate Professor Alastair Marsden
  • Associate Professor Russell Poskitt
Giannoula Karamichailidou The impact of the 2008 short-selling regulations on European Financial Stocks
  • Associate Professor Russell Poskitt
  • Associate Professor Alastair Marsden
Frederick Chang Yu Ng Revenue Management in Small Businesses and Micro-Enterprises
  • Associate Professor Paul Rouse
  • Dr Julie Harrison


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Bakhtiar Alrazi The Quality and the Determinants of Environmental Reporting of Electricity Generating Companies: An International Comparison
  • Professor Charl de Villiers
  • Professor Chris van Staden
Jasmine Sze Ting Kwong The Association between Industry, Regional City Specialization and the Audit Fee Premium/Discount: Evidence from Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Professor David Hay
  • Richard Petty
Rong Gong The Impact of the 2007 Reforms on the Information Environment in the Chinese A-share Market
  • Associate Professor Alastair Marsden
  • Associate Professor Russell Poskitt
Li Chen Financial Analysts’ Underreaction and Reputation-Building Incentives
  • Professor Steven Cahan
  • Professor Philip Shane
Shayuti Mohamed Adnan Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting: evidence from China, Malaysia and United Kingdom
  • Professor Chris van Staden
  • Professor David Hay 
Sharlene Sheetal Narayan An Empirical Study of the Influence of Formalized Management Control Systems on the Use of Open Innovation Practices
  • Dr Chris Akroyd
  • Professor Norio Sawabe
  • Professor Henry Chesbrough
  • Professor Hugh Whittaker

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