The legal environment of international business

Find out about our research capabilities in the legal environment of international business, and who to contact for further details.

Research in the Department of Commercial Law in these areas currently encompasses:

  • Private trade law - For example, types of international sale contract, mechanisms for payment and security, the insurance of goods in transit, conflicts between the laws of different trading countries, contracts for the international carriage of goods by sea, and dispute resolution.
  • International trade and investment law - The national and international rules that facilitate economic integration between countries, including the World Trade Organization and regional and bilateral trade and investment agreements.
  • International competition law - Analysis of the legal and policy issues associated with the control of restrictive business practices and anti-competitive mergers in international markets.
  • International finance law and securities regulation - The global governance of securities and financial markets and the consequences for, and strategies open to, the New Zealand legislature.

Researchers in the legal environment of international business