Qualitative Paper Development Workshop

This event has been postponed until further notice. A ‘sprint’ workshop for information systems early career researchers and PhD students.

First Qualitative Paper Development Workshop, May 2019.

This event has been postponed until further notice.  

About the workshop

In the last 15 years, more qualitative papers have been published in the Information Systems (IS) senior scholar basket of journals. However, publishing qualitative studies remains challenging. In particular, early-career academics often struggle to publish their qualitative papers in top IS journals.

This workshop is designed to help early career academics and PhD students working on qualitative papers relating to technology and organisation studies across the IS, strategy and organisation behaviour domains, to develop their journal articles for submission to a top IS journal.

Early career researchers and PhD students who are in the final stages of their PhD (data collected and analysed) will be in best position to benefit from this workshop.

Workshop mentors

The team of five mentors have extensive experience publishing qualitative articles in, and serving in editorial roles for, top IS journals.

Guest mentors

University of Auckland mentors

Workshop format

  • Three-day event from 3–5 June 2020.
  • Interactive sessions, discussions and ‘sprint’ writing sessions facilitated by the mentors.
  • Designed to allow time for feedback, discussions and writing, and informal interactions with the mentors.

Before the event

Interested participants must submit a paper to be allocated to a mentor, who will review and provide feedback. In addition, each participant will review and provide feedback on one paper within their ‘working group’.

During the event

Participants will be working in small groups, based on topic proximity, guided by a mentor.

There will be three points of feedback:

  • At the beginning of the workshop, based on the submitted paper
  • After the first day
  • At the end of the workshop

Participants will need to make significant progress during the workshop, as part of the time will be allocated to writing and further refinement of ideas (we have coined this approach ‘sprint writing’).

There will be a formal plenary sessions each day. The rest of the time, the participants will be working closely with mentors on improving ideas and re-writing their papers.

In-between ‘sprint writing’ sessions, mentors will run interactive ‘clinics’ within their working groups that will be dedicated to specific issues identified during the writing process and will be relevant to all/most group members.

During the afternoon coffee break, mentors will discuss issues that their groups are facing and agree whether a plenary cross-group ‘clinic’ is needed at the end of the day.

Two social dinners will give opportunities for interactions between participants and mentors (in particular with mentors from other work group).

Admission criteria

To ensure participants are fully committed and able to make significant progress preparing their paper for a journal submission during the workshop, participants should submit:

  1. A draft of the paper, at least 70% complete (i.e. some sections may be more developed than others, but overall, 70% of the paper is written) by 10 May 2020.
  2. A short letter explaining what journal(s) you are targeting with the paper, and the main challenges you face with the current version. If the paper was previously submitted to a conference (i.e. International Conference on Information Systems), please include the review packet from the conference.


  • PhD students: NZ$450
  • Academics: NZ$700


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