Contemporary issues in branding

The study of brands examines the nature of value propositions and how they lead to the co-creation of customer experiences and value-in-use.

The brand can be viewed as a process as well as an entity. While brands can be an asset, they can also be a liability.

Research is currently concerned with:

  • Branding in the service economy - How branding is changing with the increasing importance of service in creating and co-creating value.
  • Managing brands, market-based assets and market performance - How can financial measures of brands be developed and how do these measures relate to performance and brand equity?
  • The nature of intense brand relationships and brand communities - How branding changes when there are strong relationships between buyers and between buyers and sellers.
  • The development of brand meaning - The role of authenticity in branding of ethnic products and the effects of national and regional origin on New Zealand brands.

Researchers in contemporary issues in branding

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