Entrepreneurship and innovation

Researchers in the department are working collaboratively on projects in the following areas.

MaDE: Manufacturing and design entrepreneurship

We are key partners in a cross-institutional multi-year project that aspires to provide the technical, social and behavioural components of a new platform economy for manufacturing in New Zealand in which manufacturing, design and entrepreneurship are seamlessly integrated.

Researchers: Professor Kenneth Husted, Dr Lisa Callagher, Dr Eli Krull, Dr Stefan Korber, Dr Frank Siedlok, Dr Janine Swail, Associate Professor Carla Houkamau.

Reaching international markets through innovation

This stream of work explores how New Zealand firms acquire competitive advantage through innovation and how innovation processes facilitate or hinder access to international markets. Our work aims to identify the best strategies for New Zealand firms looking to expand their frontiers by pursuing an innovation pathway.
Researchers: Dr Jose Brache, Dr Lisa Callagher, Professor Kenneth Husted
PhD Candidates: Jose Huesca Dorantes; Jitao Yan

Innovation management

We work closely with companies that predominantly operate in low-and medium-technology sectors. We aim to help them understand the tools, skills, processes and attitudes needed to translate the risks and opportunities of disruptive market forces into viable  strategies and innovative product offerings.
Researchers: Dr Frank Siedlok, Dr Lisa Callagher, Professor Kenneth Husted, Dr Eli Krull, Dr Stefan Korber, Dr Peter Smith
PhD Candidates: Dana Cumin; Saumaya Amarasinghe, Fasiha Subhan, Natali Cortes Sobolieva

Māori entrepreneurship

We explore the growing Māori economy and the contribution made by Māori entrepreneurs. We are engaged in projects that engage with whanau, hapu and iwi organisations as well as Māori owned social enterprises.
Researchers: Associate Professor Manuka Henare, Associate Professor Chris Woods, Dr Jamie Newth
PhD Candidates: Abigail McClutchie; Rachel Cocker Hopkins; Amber Nicholson

Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise

In this project we are empirically exploring investor perspectives on deploying capital ‘for impact’, including the tensions resulting from the multiple objective functions pursued and diverse stakeholder outcomes (investors, fund managers, investees, and beneficiaries).
Researchers: Dr Jamie Newth; Dr Deb Shepherd; Associate Professor Chris Woods
PhD Candidate: Melody Meng

Entrepreneurial finance

We investigate sources of entrepreneurial finance such as venture capital and initial coin offerings in different institutional settings, including immigrant entrepreneurs.
Researchers: Dr Cristiano Bellavitis; Dr Janine Swail
PhD Candidate: Farzana Adeel

Educating for innovation and entrepreneurship

We produce teaching cases and research-informed evidence about the ways we design, deliver and assess formal and informal innovation, entrepreneurship and commericalisation education.
Staff: Associate Professor Chris Woods; Dr Lisa Callagher; Dr Cristiano Bellavitis; Dr Deb Shepherd, Dr Brian Karlson, Dr Michelle Kilkolly-Proffit, Dr Peter Smith, Dr Charlotta Windahl (Department of Marketing), Guy Bate (Contractor)
Doctorate of Education Candidate: Cadence Kaumoana  

Researchers in entrepreneurship and innovation

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