Our current PhD students and their research

We welcome enquiries from New Zealand and overseas students who wish to pursue Management or International Business at doctoral level.

Student name Title
Adebayo Adeniji Employee engagement and development in the IT sector
Ankit Aggarwal Influence of Social Capital on Foreign Market entry modes amount Family SMEs
Saumya Amarasinghe Nature of engagement in free-revealing (FR) practices and expected outcomes of free-revealing in open innovation firms
Varun Bhardwaj A visual exploration of the role of leadership in resolving the tension between value-creation and value-capture in grassroots movements
Nicholas Borroz Foreign Policy Pressure at Home and Political Risk in Thailand: Effects on the Investments of Chinese, American and New Zealand Companies
Rachel Cocker Hopkins Healing the warrior economy
Natali Cortes Sobolieva Developing key innovation capabilities in organisations
Dana Cumin A comparative study: how to manage dual allegiance and effective knowledge sharing for innovation - traditional and non-traditional industries
Joshua Firth Tensions in software development: Unravelling the contested meanings of knowledge
Franziska Geus Innovations in Western Public Sector Organizations to do business in/with Bottom of the Pyramid Market: Barriers and counter strategies
Antoine Gilbert-Saad Heuristics and the context of new, inexperienced entrepreneurs. How are heuristics acquired, used, and for which benefit?
Laura Harvey How does executive coaching influence gendered discourses and practices involved in the processes of female professional identity construction
Joseph Hendren An examination of multinational corporations in New Zealand and their effect on civil society
Roger Hudson Corporate Governance, Technology and Innovation- How are Directors managing the 4th Industrial Revolution?
Jose Huesca Dorantes Upgrading opportunities of global value chains (GVCs) of Chinese foreign direct investment in Latin America
Igor Ingrst Asia/Pacific Multinational Corporations Seeking Knowledge in Central Europe: Role of their R&D, Marketing and Procurement Departments in their Offshoring Decisions
Leona Yao Lyu Abusive coaching and subordinates' skill development among chefs: A curvilinear relationship
Lydia Martin Women Writers and Leading Ladies: Using Novels for Women’s Leadership Development
Wender Martins Locally embedded value creation: How can New Zealand retain (and benefit from) core economic activities of young and highly innovative companies?
Abigail McClutchie Entrepreneurial self-determination
Amber Nicholson Arohia Nga Tupuwae O Nga Tupuna: Heed the footprints of the ancestors
Lena Obushenkova The influence of mobile Information and Communication Technologies and user-device interactions on workplace relationships
Nick Polahan Freer Capital Movement in the ASEAN Economic Community: Internationalization, Interests and Institutions
Anar Purvee An Interdisciplinary Study on Women’s Leadership Development
Ansab Qureshi Impact of Chinese Firm-level OFDI: Knowledge Transfer and Performance of Parent Firm
Nicola Russell Exploring the social construction of 'Employee Engagement' through discourse analysis
Torsten Schmidts The impact of social networks on entrepreneurship in family businesses
Miriam Seifert Anti-Consumption by firm - Cases in the global fast and slow fashion industry
Fasiha Subhan Innovations in Western Public Sector Organizations to do business in/with Bottom of the Pyramid Market: Barriers and counter strategies
Alexander Tod The ongoing perseverance of the leadership myth
Trang Tran Corporate governance and its effect on family and non-family corporations in Vietnam
Gerson Tuazon The Nature of Perspective-taking in Leader-Member Exchanges: Investigation of a Moderated Mediation Model
Carolyn Ward Exploring the Leadership Identity of Board Directors
Ella Watson How has Clinical Governance been constructed and communicated by those in core health policy entities? How do professional identities influence engaging clinicians in this leadership process?
Leny Woolsey The business of performance: theatre-based interventions in New Zealand organisations
Jon Zaidi Unlearning for Change? Effects of obviously hidden power play, canny politics and deafening silence of managers on Organisational Unlearning. A Comparative Study in three Ex-Socialist Block Countries