Our people

ILT is led by Professor Susan Geertshuis, the Business School’s Director of Learning and Teaching.

Susan Geertshuis

Director of Learning and Teaching
Professor of Lifelong Learning

Susan is the Director of Learning and Teaching in the Business School and leads the Innovative Learning and Teaching (ILT) team. She is Professor of Lifelong Learning and a member of the Graduate School of Management. Her research interests are in learning, teaching, student employability and change in higher education.

Email: s.geertshuis@auckland.ac.nz

Dr Nabeel Albashiry

BEd, MSc, PhD
Professional Teaching Fellow
Learning and Instructional Design

Nabeel coordinates the priority courses and learning design support that ILT offers to courses at the Business School. This includes course (re)design, improving the validity and reliability of course assessment, developing and mapping learning outcomes, utilising Canvas functions and advising on student engagement.

Email: n.albashiry@auckland.ac.nz

Sally Eberhard

BA/BCom, PGDipCom
Professional Teaching Fellow
Digital Learning Specialist

Sally’s role involves working with academic staff in their use of learning technologies for courses within the Business School.

Email: s.eberhard@auckland.ac.nz

Sue Gough

BA, DipTchg
Language Tutor

Sue provides language and academic skills support to a diverse range of students in the Business School.

Email: s.gough@auckland.ac.nz

Shireen Junpath

Professional Teaching Fellow
Communications and Academic Skills

Shireen provides academic and literacy skills support to a diverse undergraduate and postgraduate student body in the Business School.

Email: s.junpath@auckland.ac.nz

Narissa Lewis

BMS(hons), MEd, SFHEA
Professional Teaching Fellow
Learning and Instructional Design

Drawing on her expertise in blended and online learning, Narissa collaborates with staff to create engaging and authentic learning experiences. She works with academic staff in the Business School and from other institutions as the learning design lead for a collaborative national project.

Email: narissa.lewis@auckland.ac.nz

Qian Liu

BMgmt, MSc, FHEA
Research Fellow

Qian works on a national research project that seeks to embed employability into teaching practice and curricula. In addition to the research project, Qian supports staff in the use of educational technologies and the design of learning and assessment activities, and students in developing their academic skills.

Email: q.liu@auckland.ac.nz

Odette Murdoch

BA, DipTchg, PGDipEd, MSC(ITE)
Professional Teaching Fellow
Capability and Multimedia Specialist

Odette utilises technology and other innovative methods to help support graduate capability development in the Business School. She also provides multimedia support to staff.

Email: o.murdoch@auckland.ac.nz

Ngaire Rix

BA, PGDip TESOL, MA (Applied Linguistics)
Professional Teaching Fellow
Capability Specialist

Ngaire works with a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff to develop communication, language and academic skills across the Business School.

Email: ngaire.rix@auckland.ac.nz