Our people

ILT is led by Dr Douglas Carrie, the Business School’s Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning).

Dr Douglas Carrie

BCom, MBA, PhD
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Director of First Year Studies
Professional Teaching Fellow

Doug is the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) at the Business School. He also serves as Director of First Year Studies. Doug is a member of the Department of Marketing, where he remains personally active in teaching on a range of Business School courses, mostly at the undergraduate level. Doug has received a series of teaching excellence awards since he arrived at the University in 1995. These include separate University of Auckland Business School Teaching Excellence Awards for Collaboration in Teaching in 2015 and 2018, the University of Auckland Business School Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010, and two separate University of Auckland Teaching Excellence Awards (then known as Distinguished Teaching Awards) in 1998 and 2002. Doug's research interests fall in the area of business/marketing education and the first year experience. In his ceremonial role as an Esquire Bedell for the University of Auckland, Doug carries the mace each year at many Graduation ceremonies, processions, and honorary degree ceremonies. Historically speaking, the role of the Esquire Bedell is to guard the official party. 

Email: d.carrie@auckland.ac.nz

Dr Nabeel Albashiry

PhD, Senior Fellow (AHE)
Curriculum Development Manager

Nabeel works alongside Faculty leadership, academic staff, and other University stakeholders to ensure the Faculty curriculum is developed and enhanced in a coherent way that is aligned with the strategic direction of the Faculty. He also liaises with the University Learning and Teaching Design Team (LTDT) unit to inform and secure the learning design support needed by the Faculty strategic learning and teaching projects.

Email: n.albashiry@auckland.ac.nz

Una Lightfoot

BA, DipTchg, MProfStuds-Education(Hons)
Curriculum Development Manager

Una works alongside Faculty leadership, academic staff, and other University stakeholders to optimise students’ learning experiences and ensure the Faculty curriculum is developed and aligned with the strategic direction of the Faculty and meets the requirements of Accreditation Bodies. Liaison with the University Learning & Teaching Design Team (LTDT) to support the Faculty’s strategic learning and teaching projects is also an important part of her role.

Email: u.lightfoot@auckland.ac.nz

Sue Gough

BA, DipTchg
Language Tutor

Sue provides language and academic skills support to a diverse range of students across the Business school, developing resources and teaching workshops tailored to student need across first year courses, and other courses in the Business school. Sue collaborates with the teaching staff to provide the type of support the students require.

Email: s.gough@auckland.ac.nz

Shireen Junpath

Senior Fellow (HEA), MEd(Hons), PGDipTESOL, DipTchg
Professional Teaching Fellow, Communications and Academic Skills

Shireen provides academic and literacy skills support to a diverse undergraduate and postgraduate student body in the Business School. This support involves developing discipline-specific programmes to support students.

Email: s.junpath@auckland.ac.nz

Adrian Cenon

BA, BEd, MMgt
Learning & Teaching Coordinator

Adrian supports the ILT team with the planning, communication, and coordination of strategic projects, professional development programmes, events, and activities.

Email: a.cenon@auckland.ac.nz