Welcome from the Dean

As Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, I am privileged to work alongside and bear witness to the development of the individuals whose ideas will impact business and management in the future.

Professor Susan Watson, Acting Dean of Business and Economics for 2020
Professor Susan Watson, Acting Dean of Business and Economics for 2020

Business is the principal engine of value creation through innovation and entrepreneurship, economic success through productivity and sustainable business and through enterprises succeeding in international markets. It is about creating forms of value from ideas that can extend beyond financial to social and environmental value. Business is also about systemising those ideas through business vehicles, such as companies, and through ensuring people have skills to provide effective leadership and governance. Business can improve living standards and quality of life for individuals and for entire societies.

The study of business matters. Learning how to create or do business better through learning about entrepreneurship also matters. Better business models and processes, a better fit between people and tasks, improved productivity, better decisions and better regulatory and policy frameworks are just some of the ways we can build a bridge to a better world. And therein lies our purpose.

The four research themes of the University of Auckland Business School; innovation and value creation, productivity and sustainable business, succeeding in international markets, and leadership and governance lay the foundations for understanding how and why business works.
Ultimately, a university's role is the betterment of the human condition. A scientist might do this by inventing a new vaccine or cure, a medical specialist a new procedure, an engineer a new device. The business scholar’s purpose is no different.

When you choose to study at the University of Auckland Business School you become part of the school's DNA and a member of the large networked community that provides the backbone to our business ecosystem. This network encompasses students, alumni, partner organisations and New Zealand and international business and academic communities.

The Business School is the home of research centres and researchers who focus on sustainable value creation in an increasingly digitised world. We are home to the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Centre of Digital Enterprise, and Velocity, our innovation and entrepreneurship programme. Students and staff of the Business School are engaged in a variety of initiatives of real social and economic benefit to this nation.

Our people and our teaching and research programmes are increasingly engaging with, and making a difference to, our community. In doing so we are helping to shape the futures of people and organisations for the benefit of Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.

I invite and welcome you to join us.

Professor Susan Watson
Acting Dean of Business and Economics 2020