Vision and plans

Where does the Business School see itself going in the years ahead?

Our purpose: Shaping futures
Our vision: To shape the futures of people and organisations for the benefit of Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.
Our mission: To inspire and enable people to develop ideas, knowledge and skills that shape their personal and professional development, advance Aotearoa New Zealand business, influence the global economy and enhance society. We aim to:

Produce graduates who have an impact by:

  • Developing a distinctive, evidence-based approach to business education that builds upon team-based learning, case-based teaching and experiential learning
  • Maintaining a world-class student development programme that maximises our students’ attractiveness to employers

Reach practising managers in more impactful and relevant ways by:

  • Creating a truly international Graduate School of Management
  • Transforming the MBA experience
  • Engaging with New Zealand’s leading corporates and repositioning our executive programme portfolio
  • Creating a national, cooperative and flexible learning programme for Māori and Māori enterprises
  • Growing a new family of “taught” masters programmes

Leveraging our world-class innovation ecosystem by leading a University-wide initiative tasked with:

  • Developing programmes and pathways that create innovative, entrepreneurial and “business savvy” STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) graduates
  • Building the commercialisation capabilities of researchers, bench scientists and working professionals engaged in finding “pathways to market”
  • Creating the research programmes that support such initiatives
  • Creating the outreach and engagement programmes that will be critical to the initiative’s success and national impact

Maximising the relevance and impact of our research programmes by:

  • Investing in the development of strategic research and education themes relevant to the economic challenges confronting New Zealand
  • Growing our research programme enrolments
  • Growing external research income
  • Growing cross-faculty engagement with major research projects/grants

Developing and executing communication and engagement strategies that will consolidate existing stakeholder support and bring new sponsors, benefactors and champions to these initiatives.