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This month we’re giving away a copy of E-Commerce and the Law (2nd Edition) by e-commerce law specialists Susan Corbett and Alexandra Sims.

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E-commerce and the Law is an invaluable and user-friendly guide to the legal concepts underpinning, and the law regulating, online business.

Like the first edition, the book is designed to assist e-traders and their legal advisors on how to conduct their online businesses in compliance with New Zealand law and to provide them with an understanding of the relevance of international law to New Zealand-based business involved in e-trading with other countries.

The second edition extensively updates case law throughout the text and has incorporated legislative developments since the first edition was published in 2014, including the new Privacy Act 2020 and its application in e-commerce. It has two new chapters, on blockchain and artificial intelligence, and has been reviewed with the fast moving development of e-commerce in mind.

The chapters cover the fundamental areas of e-commerce law, providing insights and guidance on a range of legal topics including domain names, trademarks, online contracts, consumer law, online security and cybercrime, privacy copyright and defamation. The pros and cons of using different types of business structures through which to conduct online businesses are also discussed.

About the authors

Alexandra Sims is an Associate Professor in the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Auckland Business School, as well as one of our alumni.

Associate Professor Susan Corbett retired from the Wellington School of Business and Government in 2020.

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