Computer labs and hours

Labs are available for student use outside of teaching hours.

Computer labs seat 31 students and are set up classroom-style. Desktop computers are available for each student. Audio and video screens are used as teaching and learning aids.

Labs that are not being used for teaching are freely available for use by any student currently enrolled in a Business School course. Available times are displayed on a screen outside each computer lab.

If you want access to a computer for a short time, say to check your timetable or to send an email, "express machines" are available in the Business Student Centre on Level 1 that allow you 15 minutes of computer use. A printer in the same space makes these machines ideal if you just want to print a file.

Opening hours

Computer labs in the Business School operate according to the following schedule:

  Monday to Friday Saturday (closed Sunday)
Semester times 8am-9pm 9am-5pm (Labs 10-12)
Semester break 8:30am-5pm Closed
Public holidays Closed Closed