Your email and file storage

Your University email account is the official channel by which the University communicates with you as a student. As a Business School student, we provide you with additional storage for your files.

Your email account and address

As an enrolled student you will be provided with a free University student email account. Please note the following:

  • Your student email account is the official channel the University uses for communicating with you as a student. You should check your email regularly to avoid missing important emails.
  • Your email address is your username plus "". For example,
  • You may redirect or forward your student email address to your preferred email address.
  • You can check your email at

Full details about student email can be found on the University of Auckland student email web page.

File storage space and your J: drive

Undergraduate students at the Business School are provided with 2GB of network file storage space while postgraduate students are provided with 5GB of network file storage space. This storage space is in addition to that provided to you by other faculties or by the University’s ITS team.

The network file storage on all Business School computers is mapped to the J: drive. So when you logon to a computer and open Windows Explorer, you will see a drive with the letter J. This is your J: drive - your personal file storage on the Business School network. You may put files onto your J: drive in the same way as you would put files into your 'My Documents' folder. Only you are able to access files on your J: drive; it cannot be shared with other users.

Additional network drives for your use

Apart from the J: drive which is your personal network storage, there are three additional drives on all Business School computers - the R:, Q: and U: drives. The R: and Q: drives are for sharing of material by or with your lecturers and tutors.

  • R: drive - a resource drive for any read-only course related materials that lecturers wish to share with all students in a course. You may read and copy the materials but not modify or delete them.
  • Q: drive - a drive you can use to submit assignments. Only you and your lecturers or tutors can see this material.
  • U: drive - a local scratch space for temporary storage during your logon session.

Accessing your files

To access your files off campus you can use our secure web files access system. We recommend you bookmark this link to the Business School student files website.