Printers and printing

Printers and photocopiers are installed throughout the Business School and can be used by any staff member or student with credit on their NetAccount.

Printers and copiers

You can print to both black-and-white and colour printers. To log in and collect your print job from the printer, use your ID card or username and password. You must also have a positive balance in your NetAccount. Swipe or log in at any Business School print station.

Please be aware that jobs will only be kept on the server for 12 hours.

Printer and copier Location
Ricoh black and white Level 0 (next to Bookshop, outside Case Room 3)
Level 1 (Business Student Centre)
Level 2 (Room 230, postgraduate students only)
Colour Level 0 (outside Case Room 3)
Level 2 (Room 230, postgraduate students only)

Printing and copying costs

You need to ensure you have sufficient money in your copy and print balances to be able to use the copy and print service. Copy and print prices are the same.

Paper size and type Cost per page
Black and white A4/A3 10 cents
Double-sided black and white A4/A3 20 cents
Colour A4/A3 20 cents
Double-sided colour A4/A3 40 cents

Adding money

You can add money to your copy and print balances by using a self-service ePOS station. When you add money via the ePOS station your "copy balance" is automatically credited. However to print, you may need to transfer money from your "copy balance" to your "print balance".

The ePOS station is located outside Case Room 3 on Level 0. There are ePOS stations available in other parts of the campus. If you would like assistance with adding money please visit our Level 0 reception or the Information Commons (IC) Helpdesk.

You can transfer balances online but you must be logged on to your NetAccount first.

Transfer balances within my NetAccount

Printing your documents

Once you are logged on to a Business School student computer or through the student Terminal Services (our remote access service), you print a document as per usual.

In other words, open the document click the print button to send the document to the printer. Then follow these instructions:

Select a print queue

  • Single-sided b&w printing (default)
  • Single-sided colour printing
  • Double-sided b&w printing

Then choose OK.

Go to a nearby printer

  1. Swipe your University ID card or enter your username and password using the touch screen.
  2. Touch the screen to highlight the document (or documents) in the list you wish to print.
  3. Touch the 'print' or 'print all' buttons to print your documents.
  4. To log out, click the 'other function' button then press either log out button (on the touch screen or the hard plastic button to the right of the touch screen).

Printing on the wireless network

You can print from your own laptop on the wireless network. Printing instructions and full details about wireless access can be found on the University of Auckland wireless network web page.

Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 82333 

Further information on printing

Full details about printing and copying facilities can be found at the University of Auckland Copy and Print Service (CAPS).