Career and Industry Insights Programme

Through the Career and Industry Insights Programme, students can connect with alumni, visit their workplace, meet their colleagues and find out a bit more about various roles, careers and industries.

The Business School’s Career and Industry Insights Programme connects first-year undergraduate business students in their second semester with alumni working in business, to give students an insight into certain roles and industries to assist with their degree planning.

How it works

First-year business students in their second semester sign up to be matched with alumni working in business. Two students are matched with one alum, who will host the two students at their workplace for a couple of hours on an agreed day and time between Tuesday 25 August and Monday 28 September

During the workplace visit:

  • Alumni chat to students about their career journey, their role, their organisation and their industry.
  • Alumni show the students around their workplace, and introduce them to colleagues.
  • If appropriate, alumni arrange for students to sit in on a business meeting or engage in some job shadowing.
  • Alumni talk about workplace culture, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Alumni may also arrange informal meetings for the students with colleagues from different areas of their organisation, so that students can learn about other parts of the business and different roles.


  • Students on the programme must attend one of the pre-programme briefings: Wednesday 19 August (11am-12pm) or Thursday 20 August (1 – 2pm)
  • Tuesday 25 August – Alumni and students meet at an informal launch and briefing session at the Business School (6-7:30pm).
  • Between Tuesday 25 August and Monday 28 September, workplace visits take place.
  • Monday 28 September– Alumni and students get together again at the Business School for a low-key debrief, feedback and celebration event (6-7.30pm).

Additional information

  • Deadline for students to apply is Friday 7 August 2020
  • Students must be in their first year of an undergraduate business or business conjoint degree, and going into their second semester in July 2020
  • Alumni workplaces will be based in Auckland, be reasonably central, and be easy for students to get to.
  • Students are hosted in pairs at alumni workplaces.
  • Places on the programme are limited, and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to match you with alumni.
  • This is not a work experience programme or recruitment tool and students should not expect to obtain employment from the programme.
  • If you have been successfully matched with an alum, we will notify you by Friday 14 August 2020.
  • Students must be 18 or over to take part in the programme.

For any questions about the Career and Industry Insights Programme, please contact:

Natalie Newton
Alumni Relations Manager