Read about the experiences of past mentees who have gone through the programme

Maya Wambukomo, 2022 mentee

"The highlight of the programme for me was meeting like-minded women in a safe space where I feel empowered and encouraged. Throughout the events and mentor meetings, I have learned more about myself, identifying my strengths and weaknesses and growing personally and professionally. One main piece of advice l I took away from this program was dealing with imposter syndrome and self-confidence. Joining this program was the best decision this year."

Chelsea Gibson, 2022 mentee

“The Women’s Mentoring Programme gave me an opportunity to create a lasting connection with a passionate industry professional. I found that this was the true value of the programme given the rarity of such a chance. Not only that but I was able to expand my University support network by meeting more of my peers that otherwise in a large lecture theatre would go unnoticed. This programme was a highlight during my time at the University and I would highly recommend getting involved.”

Jasmin Singh Kang, 2022 mentee

“The highlight of the Women's Mentoring Programme was not feeling lost anymore. Being the first in my family to attend university, I was often behind in a lot of the things everyone else already knew. I feel like I've now finally had a step on the ladder thanks to my mentor, Vaidehi Kavthekar. She never made me feel stupid for asking the questions that I thought everyone had the answers to already. She was so willing to offer a helping hand and mentor me and I'm forever grateful for her. The mentors in the Programme are women who have been in our positions and want to help.

My mentor showed me that failing isn't the end of the world. I've developed a growth mindset where I see my failures not as a depiction of myself but instead as a learning opportunity. I've felt like I completely changed this year and a lot of that change is because of my mentor and this programme.

The main thing I learned from the programme was to build a network of support. I've not only had the amazing opportunity of meeting my mentor through the Programme but so many other amazing women as well! I've met other mentees such as myself and other mentors who didn't shy away from offering advice.”