Your CV and cover letter

Your CV and cover letter are the first impression most employers will have of you. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to a potential employer.


Remember that you need to tailor your CV for each role. You should not have one version of your CV that you use for multiple applications. Each job is different and you need to demonstrate you have the right skills and experience for that role. 

Make sure you get friends or family members to read your CV and give you feedback. They can spot achievements or skills you've forgotten to include and help you make it easier to read.

Recruiters from some of New Zealand's leading companies share their tips about preparing your CV in the video below.

Cover letters

Your cover letter is your personal sales pitch. Use it to introduce yourself and explain why you want the job and are the right person for it.

Recruiters from some of New Zealand's leading companies share their tips about writing a cover letter in the video below.

Tips from Business School students for CVs and cover letters

In our recent Business School student recruitment experience survey, students had the following advice for you:

CV tips

  • Always apply early! It's really important to put your best foot forward, so use the resources offered at the Business School. Get your CV checked and talk to our Business School Career Development team – they often know the recruitment teams and can tell you what to focus on. Most importantly, be yourself. Tell them what makes you unique and what you can bring to the role.
  • Be sure to check your CV, CL and application form thoroughly before submitting it, to ensure that there are no grammar, spelling or other mistakes and that your CV is consistently formatted (e.g. dates and bullet points are aligned consistently). Ensure that all information provided is correct and updated. In addition, it is important to ensure that your CV, CL and application form is tailored to the company's values and job description – not just a general CV.
  • Structure your CV well to highlight certain skills you have that would make you more attractive towards the role. Also make sure you come across as an all-round student.
  • While applying, make your CV the best possible representation of who you are as a person. Include a list of relevant skills on your CV that are specific and tangible – not just things like “punctual” or “passionate”.

General application tips

  • Start early, the application takes a while to complete.
  • Get all your CV and cover letters checked and done before the start of the semester, and also create a LinkedIn profile beforehand as well.
  • Go to Networking events. These companies get flooded with applications - you need to put a face to your application.
  • Never underestimate yourself, you’re just as good as anybody else!

CV and cover letters explained workshop

To find out more, register and attend our workshop "CV and cover letters explained". You can view workshops and registration details on our Book a workshop page.

Drop in with your CV and cover letter

Come and see us at drop-in to get your CV and cover letter reviewed.

  • Located in the red booths on Level 1, OGGB, between 12-2pm, Monday to Friday, during undergraduate teaching periods.You don't need to make an appointment.
  • During semester 1 2022 it will be held online. You can find the link in the Business School newsletter (BizBuzz) which is emailed to you each Thursday.
  • During the breaks you are welcome to make an appointment via MyCDES.