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Raising the Bar Auckland

Embracing a future living with plastics

Speaker: Professor Johan Verbeek
Date: 29 August 2023, 8-9pm

We have been bombarded with news of how bad plastics are for us and the environment and we cannot dispute the fact that there is something wrong with the picture. However, it would be difficult to imagine a world without plastics. We rely on plastics in just about every part of daily life, and it has made life better too! Many people find themselves confused by constant talk about the circular economy and the bioeconomy and their role in these.

In this talk, Johan will explore what the future of living with plastics may look like, and why we need to set realistic expectations – because whether we like it or not, plastics are here to stay.

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Circular Economy in Business Week | 21-25 November 2022

Circular economy strategies: How to navigate circular transitions

Keynote speakers:
Ken Webster, Former Head of Innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Stefano Pascucci, Professor in Sustainability and Circular Economy
Rachel Brown, Founder and CEO of the Sustainable Business Network

Ken Webster

Rachel Brown

Stefano Pascucci