Research Excellence Award winners 2021

The Business School Research Excellence Awards recognise, celebrate and reward excellent performance.

Early Career Excellence Award

Joya Kemper

Department of Marketing

Dr Joya Kemper completed her PhD in 2015. Her research focuses on social and sustainable marketing and her work has a strong focus on inter- and cross-disciplinarity. She has published consistently in high-quality journals and serves on several editorial boards. She also disseminates her work to the public through media pieces and public lectures. She contributes to a range of committees at both the university and faculty levels.

Research Excellence Award

Dr Yuri Seo

Department of Marketing

Dr Yuri Seo is regarded as one of the leading international scholars in Consumer Behaviour and cultural theory. He has published 43 articles, of which 41 were published in A* and A journals on the ABDC list. 29 of these publications are at level 3 or higher on the more restrictive ABS list, including two in FT50 journals. His research accomplishments have resulted in 13 awards and a position in the top 2% of scientists. He is a sought-after mentor for his PhD students and junior colleagues.

Professor David Hay

Department of Accounting and Finance

Prof David Hay is a leading international scholar in auditing whose research has addressed current and emerging issues in assurance, public accountability, and related good governance practices. His work has contributed to the understanding of audit pricing, audit firms, and the future of assurance in the private and public sectors. He is actively engaged with the auditing profession.

Relevance and Impact Excellence Award

Professor Carla Houkamau

Department of Management and International Business

Assoc Prof Carla Houkamau’s research on Māori identity is innovative and ground-breaking. She has led two research programmes that have generated new insights into Māori values and how they inform Māori economic and social development, including sustainable economies. Her research has relevance to and impact on the specific needs and priorities of iwi and Māori communities, including poverty, inequality in educational outcomes, and low homeownership.

Sustained Research Excellence Award

Professor Tava Olsen

Deputy Dean

Prof Tava Olsen has demonstrated academic leadership over the last decade (and beyond) in the areas of sustainability and productivity via elite academic publications and world-wide recognition of her achievements. She has shaped the academic discourse and practice in her research areas and contributed to the development of a new generation of Supply Chain researchers.

Collaborative Research Award

Professor Kenneth Husted and Professor Rudolf Sinkovic

Department of Management and International Business

Prof Kenneth Husted and Prof Rudolf Sinkovic initiated, mentored, and orchestrated the efforts to bring together contributions from nearly 30 University of Auckland Business School faculty on how New Zealand responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. They co-edited the book “Management perspectives on the Covid-19 crisis: Lessons from New Zealand” based on these contributions that capture multiple perspectives and are based on various disciplines.