Research Impact Case Guidelines

Please use these guidelines to showcase achievements in line with the CABLE Research Impact Awards 2021 definition of impact.


Please provide the following information:

1. Summary of the impact (Indicative maximum 100 words)

This section should briefly state what specific impact is being claimed in this submission.

2. Underpinning previous work (indicative maximum 200 words)

This section should outline the key insights or findings (research) that underpinned the impact and provide details of the research carried out and of the mechanism(s) used to document the impact. This can be a presentation at a conference, a report, a performance, an exhibition, a design, a grant, a journal article, a book chapter, or a working paper which was made available to the public prior to date of the claimed impact.

Details of the following should be provided in this section:

  • The nature of the research you carried out which relates to the impact claimed in the case.
  • Dates of when the research was carried out.
  • Members of the research team and what positions they held at the institution at the time.
  • Any relevant key contextual information about this area of research.

3. Details of the impact (indicative maximum 500 words)

This section should provide a narrative, with supporting evidence, to explain how the research made a distinct and material contribution to the impact, and the nature and extent of the impact.

Details of the following should be provided in this section:

  • A clear explanation of the process or means through which the research led to, underpinned or made a contribution to the impact (for example, how it was disseminated, how it came to influence users or beneficiaries, or how it came to be applied).
  • Details of the stakeholders – who or what community, constituency, organisation, or phenomenon has benefitted, been affected, or impacted on?
  • Details of the nature of the impact – how someone or something has benefitted, been affected, or impacted on (locally, nationally or internationally)?
  • Evidence or indicators of the extent of the impact as described, as is appropriate to the case being made.

4. Sources to corroborate the impact (indicative maximum of 5 references)

This section should list external sources that could, if requested by the panel, provide corroboration of specific claims made in the impact case. Sources provided in this section should not be a substitute for providing clear evidence of impact. Please state which claim each source corroborates. These could include, as appropriate to the case, the following sources:

  • Reports, reviews, web links, images, or other documented sources of information in the public domain.
  • Confidential reports or documents.
  • Individual users/beneficiaries who could be contacted to corroborate claims.

5. Decision-making and publication of research impact cases

  • The judging panel's decision is final.
  • Participants of this competition agree to have their case(s) showcased on the University of Auckland’s webpage at the discretion of the organiser.