Digital Marketing

Learn about the key theories and practices of digital marketing, examining digital technologies and their impact on the customer journey.


This specialisation within the Master of Business Management focuses on digital marketing strategies, building on critical skills in the development, implementation and management of effective marketing strategies to attain and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage online.

Graduates will evaluate contemporary practice by exploring customer engagement, data analytics, marketing tactics, digital communications, and branding. This specialisation examines Digital Marketing and how it is transforming the way organisations engage with consumers.

What can you study in Digital Marketing?

180 points: Taught


BUSMAN701 Managing People and Organisations (15 points)
BUSMAN702 Contemporary Marketing (15 points)
BUSMAN703 Financial Decision-making (15 points)
BUSMAN704 Supply Chain Management (15 points)
BUSMAN720 Digital Marketing Strategies (15 points)
BUSMAN721 Customer Insights (15 points)
BUSMAN722 Digital Branding and Advertising (15 points)
BUSMAN723 Advanced Marketing Strategy (15 points)
BUSMAN709 Global Management (15 points)
BUSMAN710 Consultancy Practice (15 points)
BUSMAN751 Consultancy Project (30 points)

Where can Digital Marketing take you?

Graduates will develop an understanding of customer-centric marketing strategies online and build a skill set specific to Digital Marketing.

Some roles related to this specialisation include:

  • Campaign Manager/Specialist
  • Content Specialist
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Digital Insights Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager/Coordinator
  • Marketing and Content Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager