Strategic Management

Develop an in-depth understanding of the key theories and practices for creating and implementing management strategy in a variety of enterprise types.


This specialisation within the Master of Business Management focuses on examining strategic frameworks, processes and practices in an ever changing global business environment. Graduates will consider the applicability of approaches for the development of coherent solutions for an organisation’s strategic challenges.

Graduates will evaluate contemporary practice by exploring human resource management, innovation, business analytics, strategic management, global management and consultancy practice.

What can you study in Strategic Management?

180 points: Taught


BUSMAN701 Managing People and Organisations (15 points)
BUSMAN702 Contemporary Marketing (15 points)
BUSMAN703 Financial Decision-making (15 points)
BUSMAN704 Supply Chain Management (15 points)
BUSMAN705 Strategic Human Resource Management (15 points)
BUSMAN706 Strategic Management (15 points)
BUSMAN707 Business Analytics (15 points)
BUSMAN708 Innovation in Practice (15 points)
BUSMAN709 Global Management (15 points)
BUSMAN710 Consultancy Practice (15 points)
BUSMAN750 Consultancy Project (30 points)

Where can Strategic Management take you?

Graduates will develop skills in strategic thinking and knowledge of strategic management processes, including methods for navigating strategic change, and add value to business organisations.

Some roles related to this specialisation include:

  • Business Analyst/Adviser
  • Business Development Manager
  • Consultant
  • HR Adviser
  • Sales Manager/Executive
  • Strategy Analyst