Natural health products (NHPs) in alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational substance use: pre-testing a data collection tool

This research aims to test a questionnaire that has been designed to collect information about NHPs that are used in New Zealand to help with alcohol, tobacco, or other recreational substance use, or for psychoactive effects.

What's involved?

The results from this study will help improve the questionnaire, which will then be used in future studies.

Natural health products (NHPs), (also described as complementary and alternative medicines) are used for many health reasons.Some NHPs are claimed or promoted to help prevent unpleasant effects (symptoms) and harms that some people experience from using alcohol and/or tobacco use (e.g., cure or prevent ‘hangovers’, to stop cravings for nicotine, and to help ‘detox’ the liver). Some NHPs have also been used recreationally for their psychoactive (‘mind-altering’) effects.

At present, very little is known about which NHPs are used in New Zealand to help with symptoms from using alcohol and/or tobacco and/or other recreational substances, or for psychoactive effects.

There are two phases to this study:

  • An online self-administered questionnaire asking questions about your use of NHPs, alcohol, tobacco, other recreational substances, and understanding of and views on the questions in the questions we have asked on these topics. This will take about 30-40 minutes, depending on your responses. A $20 shopping voucher will be given upon completion of the questionnaire.
  • A follow up online/telephone interview to explore your understanding of the questions from Phase 1 in more detail, and for us to collect feedback on the questionnaire. This will take approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on your responses. A $50 shopping voucher will be given upon completion of the interview. 

You can choose to participate in Phase 1 only, or both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

You can participate by accessing this link.

Eligibility criteria

• You are aged 18 years or older

• If you have EVER drunk alcohol, or smoked any tobacco product, or used/taken other recreational substances

Contact details

Student researcher
Rayna Sharma
School of Pharmacy

Principal investigator
Professor Jo Barnes
School of Pharmacy

Further information

Approved by The Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee on 08/06/2023 for three years.

Reference number 25004.