Opportunities for support

We invite you to join us in creating a step-change in our work for New Zealand and the world to create 'health and wellbeing for all', whether through your generous philanthropic donations, volunteer leadership, or skilled mentoring of our students. Partnerships with friends and supporters significantly enhance our ability to meet the complex health challenges of today and the future.

Undergraduate and honours student scholarships

Our undergraduate and honours programmes help us to identify the best candidates for postgraduate studies and research. By establishing appropriate student scholarships, we believe we can recruit and retain the best of these talented students.

Postgraduate scholarships

We face increasing difficulty recruiting the next generation of clinicians and research scientists. Financial contributions towards these scholarships enable us to attract high-achieving students, many of whom go on to build very successful careers in the faculty.

Student hardship funds

The Kate Snow Student Hardship Fund supports undergraduate students from across our faculty who find themselves in unexpected hardship, ensuring that financial circumstance will not prevent talented students becoming our health leaders of tomorrow.

Repatriation or emerging researchers fellowships

Repatriating top talent back to New Zealand helps us not only maintain our international standing but also develop new cures and treatments for people and their families. You can also help by supporting early career and emerging researchers to stay here. Research Fellows are the engine of any successful research team. Young and well-trained, innovative, ambitious and dedicated, with your support they can focus on “wicked problems” and improve health and wellbeing for all.

Research and clinical chairs

The importance of high calibre leadership for the faculty and University through our ability to recruit leading academics to professorial roles is self-evident. To ensure that we are able to meet the challenges facing healthcare in New Zealand, Australasia and beyond, we need help in ensuring we can provide the support required for our professors to build academic teams of the highest calibre. Philanthropic support is a key component to this aspect of our vision.


Please send any queries to:

Laura Dee
Associate Director of Development
Email: l.dee@auckland.ac.nz