Why do a conjoint?

Broaden your knowledge and horizons by studying a conjoint programme.

Our faculty offers eight conjoint programmes from our Health Sciences and Nursing programmes.

Doing a conjoint degree means you can pursue two undergraduate bachelor degrees at the same time, so you not only broaden, but extend your knowledge and skills.

This is valuable for broadening and excelling career opportunities in the future. Prospective employers value the diversity and versatility of conjoint degree qualifications.

For students starting their tertiary studies, most combinations can be completed within four or five years of full-time study, rather than six to eight years if you were to complete each degree separately. 

You may have the opportunity to begin a conjoint programme in the first or second year of study, and most programmes can be completed within five years, depending on the combination you opt for.

If you have already started your university studies, you may still have the opportunity to begin a conjoint programme.

The conjoint degree combinations currently available at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences are:

*Biomedical Science or Medicinal Chemistry cannot be chosen as a major under any BSc conjoint.