Students with disabilities

The University does its best to cater to all needs and abilities through its disability services. However, prospective students should be aware of some of the common characteristics and requirements of our professional programmes.

In particular, our Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Medical Imaging and Pharmacy programmes:

  • Involve large amounts of laboratory-based study
  • Require high-level communication skills, sometimes in noisy clinical environments, and involving young children, older adults and people with limited English
  • Require students to be able to work under pressure in stressful contexts
  • Include physically demanding clinical requirements such as Structured Clinical Examinations, ward rounds, theatre sessions, and conducting advanced cardiac life support
  • Focus on preparing students for registration - under the HPCA Act Heads of Schools are required to inform the regulatory authority of any mental or physical impairment that could compromise the ability of a graduate to practice in a competent manner.