Filming and photography at FMHS

The following procedures must be adhered to in order to film or take photos at Grafton and Tāmaki Campuses.

All filming or photography at the Grafton or Tāmaki Campuses needs to be approved by the faculty's Media Adviser before it can go ahead, so that we can arrange the necessary security clearance.

This is to ensure the safety and privacy of staff and students and the security of research projects.

This applies to all of the faculty’s departments, schools, clinics and research centres. If you are approached by the media, please direct them to the Media Adviser.

Faculty Media Adviser

Nicola Shepheard
+64 9 923 1515

Faculty Communications and Marketing Manager

Vicki Griffin
+64 9 923 8940

For all filming or photography at Grafton or Tāmaki, please email the above contacts so they can facilitate this process for you via the Communications and Security managers on the City Campus.

This needs to be done as soon as possible and preferably at least a week before the expected filming or photography.

For news interviews, this can be done at shorter notice.

This applies to ALL filming and photography at Grafton and Tāmaki Campuses.

Please use the Filming Approval Form links below that needs to be completed for each film-related security clearance.