Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, orientation is a vital part of getting started at the University of Auckland. You'll receive important information about your respective courses, meet relevant academic and support staff, and meet the people that will also be part of your programme!

Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment (DELNA)

All first-year students, regardless of their language background, must have their academic English assessed at the beginning of their studies. You’ll begin with the DELNA Screening and may be directed to the Diagnosis so that DELNA staff can advise you, if necessary, on further developing your academic English language skills. You will have the opportunity to complete your DELNA Screening during your Faculty Orientation Day.

Online orientation

Online Orientation is your one-stop online resource, designed to equip you with helpful information about university life! New students can access all relevant information around Orientation Week, student services and campus life.