Scholarships for Māori students

These scholarships will be of interest to our Māori students.


  • UoA Māori Academic Excellence Scholarship
    The main purpose of the Scholarship is to recognise and reward exceptional academic performance combined with outstanding sporting, artistic, cultural and / or leadership achievements among Māori students. The provision of University accommodation is designed to provide the best student experience and promote excellent academic outcomes.
  • Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Alumni Award
    The main purpose of the Award is to contribute towards study expenses of a student studying for an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences who can demonstrate financial need.


External scholarships

Waka, Iwi and Hapu

Scholarships are widely available through your connections to your Waka, Iwi and Hapu. We encourage you to seek the information via your Iwi Runanga. Most have information available online.

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