Our doctoral students

Read stories from our current students about how their doctoral studies makes meaningful impact in medical and health sciences.

Jess Kelly, PhD candidate

Jess Kelly was inspired to pursue a PhD after taking a course in her postgraduate diploma that touched upon the importance of 3D modelling in the setting of Biomedical Science.

Jess' story

Our Bachelor of Optometry paved the way for Aan Chu to pursue a PhD and make her mark on the future of optometry treatments.

Aan's story

Nicky Woollaston found an opportunity to do doctoral study whilst working and spending time with family, within the Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc).

Nicky's story

Jess Lagaluga-Hutchings thought her career path was fixed, but her PhD enabled her to find her place in Pharmacy.

Jess' story

Brenda Waite is combining her love for learning, research, health and the opportunity to give back, with the Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc.)

Brenda's story

Poutasi W. B. Urale's interest in cognitive neuroscience and involuntary eye movements led him to embark on a PhD in optometry.

Poutasi's story