Careers in Pharmacy

Where can a pharmacy career take you?

Being a pharmacist involves much more than counting pills. It is an ever-evolving profession focused on helping New Zealanders make the most of their medicines.

With the health care needs of New Zealanders increasing, pharmacists are now providing more and more new services such as smoking cessation, immunisations, health checks and monitoring. They are also undertaking more specialty roles. This means a career in pharmacy can be varied and exciting. 

After completing your bachelors study, there is also an opportunity to undertake postgraduate study which further expands your career opportunities.

Career opportunities in pharmacy include:

  • Community pharmacist
  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Specialist pharmacist e.g. renal, mental health and medicines information
  • Proprietor pharmacist
  • Prescribing pharmacist
  • Primary Health Organisation pharmacist
  • Regulatory affairs pharmacist
  • Policy adviser
  • Academic pharmacist
  • Researcher
  • Academic detailing
  • Manager in a health-related organisation

To practice as a pharmacist you have to be qualified and registered. Our Bachelor of Pharmacy is a great place to start your journey.