Faculty Research Centres

The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences' seven research centres are involved with a wide range of exciting and innovative research.

Aotearoa New Zealand National Eye Centre (ANZ-NEC)

The ANZ-NEC aims to eliminate preventable blindness, to reduce visual impairment, and to become a foremost international vision research, clinical and teaching centre through excellence, innovation and collaboration.

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Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC)

 The Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre is a world leading
drug discovery centre with the mission to improve treatment outcomes for cancer
patients in New Zealand and globally. We conduct and publish international-quality research on all aspects of cancer; from basic discovery to cancer prevention, focusing on cancer types common in New Zealand patients or where disparities exist for Māori. We work to discover and develop new drugs for cancer therapy, including kinase inhibitors, radiosensitisers, immune modulators, and hypoxia-activated prodrugs. We train future cancer researchers and health professionals throughout participation in post-graduate student supervision and research-led teaching. 

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Centre for Addiction Research (CFAR)

The Centre for Addiction Research (CFAR) brings together researchers from across the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, and researchers from other Faculties, who are exploring the impact of dangerous consumptions (such as tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, and gambling) and addictive behaviours on individuals, their families (whānau), communities, and wider society. Our mission is to undertake world-leading research to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific and beyond through the generation of robust evidence to inform practice and policy around the understanding, prevention, and treatment of addiction.

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Centre for Translational Health Research: Informing Policy and Practice (TRANSFORM)

The Centre for Translational Health Research: Informing Policy and Practice (TRANSFORM) exists to achieve better health, health equity and wellbeing through innovative research informing practice and policy - translating, where applicable, into accessible services, programmes, products and policies.

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Eisdell Moore Centre (EMC)

Enabling and accelerating a national and transdisciplinary research effort that will deliver innovative solutions to provide hearing and balance health to all communities in Aotearoa so they can thrive.

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Manaaki Manawa - The Centre for Heart Research

Working in partnership with Māori and Pacific Peoples, Manaaki Manawa is a vibrant world-class centre for heart health research, aiming to deliver meaningful benefit and equity to Aotearoa New Zealand. We do this through workforce development, outreach and community engagement and research that is evidence-based, multi-disciplinary and collaborative. The Centre fosters transdisciplinary research with the aim of facilitating the integration of evidence-based research into practice and training opportunities for Māori, Pacific Peoples and women to improve heart health equity.

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Medical Imaging Research Centre (MIRC)

The mission of the Medical Imaging Research Centre (MIRC) is to improve health outcomes for patients through world-class research in medical imaging. MIRC aims to be a hub for medical imaging research through driving researcher development, innovation, and excellence in the field. Through the MIRC we will strengthen and build new collaborations with the wider University and co-design research with community partners.