The Centre for Translational Health Research: Informing Policy and Practice (TRANSFORM)

Our aim is to provide unique translational and implementation-focused research that gives life to services, policy influence and interventions in areas of health priority.

Our research

The Centre for Translational Health Research: Informing Policy and Practice (TRANSFORM) is an established research group with an international reputation for high quality research on innovative solutions to the leading health risks in Aotearoa New Zealand and globally.

TRANSFORM exists to achieve better health, health equity and wellbeing through innovative research informing practice and policy - translating, where applicable, into accessible services, programmes, products and policies.

We lead research that changes clinical and public health practice and policy. The research that TRANSFORM undertakes is novel and provides sound scientific evidence that is incorporated into systematic reviews and evidence-based treatment guidelines nationally and internationally.

Our research feeds into evidence-based teaching that our academics lead in undergraduate and postgraduate courses and supervision.

Our partnerships within and external to the University amplify our research impact. Our relationships with government policymakers and providers and other end-users of our research enable early identification of key knowledge gaps, optimising translation of research into policy and practice. Our expertise in co-designing/co-creating research with stakeholders and end-users ensures we continue to build on these collaborations.

How can you get involved?

We seek partnerships and opportunities to work with others who share our aim of achieving equitable health and well-being outcomes for all.

If you have an idea and want to discuss it further, please email

Our people