Careers in Medical Imaging

What can you do with a medical imaging qualification?

Fran Mula, Bachelor of Medical Imaging (honours) graduate.

Medical Imaging practices play a vital role in our health care system. Medical Imaging is a patient-centred discipline, using a range of technologies to provide diagnostic images and imaging guidance in interventional procedures.

Medical Imaging Technologists (MITs) can work in a variety of roles either in public hospitals or private radiology practices. Most will begin their career in general radiographic imaging (x-ray) with opportunities to also work in computed tomography (CT), angiography and mammography. MITs may subsequently choose to pursue additional studies to practise in specialisations such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

There are a range of careers available for graduates with a Medical Imaging qualification  including:

  • Medical Imaging Technologist
  • Medical Imaging department manager  
  • Clinical educator 
  • Clinical application specialist or salesperson for equipment vendor 
  • Academic  
  • Researcher

If the prospect of working in medical imaging excites you, our new Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours) is an excellent step towards your medical imaging career.