Confirmation year process

Along with a timeline, you and your supervisor(s) should set out confirmation milestones to help you proceed with your research with a sense of purpose and direction. We also recommend you set up regular monthly meetings with your supervisor to discuss your progress.

Confirmation milestones

The following confirmation milestones are compulsory for all Early Phase PhD candidates:

  • Full thesis proposal. This is normally completed in the first nine months of study.
  • One substantial piece of written work. This should be completed within the first 12 months of study.
  • Presentation of research to an appropriate forum (e.g., seminar, research group, conference) to the satisfaction of  your supervisors.
  • Approval of full thesis proposal by your academic unit postgraduate committee.
  • Ethics approval and/or permissions for your research (if required).
  • Attendance at Doctoral Skills Programme’s induction.
  • Completion of Academic Integrity Module.
  • Needs Analysis.
  • Health and safety risk assessment.
  • Undertake DELNA screening.

Doctoral confirmation review

The first 12 months of full time study in the doctoral programme, or 24 months if part-time, is provisional. To continue in the programme you must achieve the goals set for your confirmation year including successful completion of a full thesis proposal.

Note: Thesis proposal form must be converted to a pdf before it can be uploaded into the AFA system.