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Undergraduate students talk about how their programmes are preparing them for their chosen careers in Medical Sciences, Nursing, Optometry, Population Health and more.

Scott's passion to support people was his motivation to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Bachelor of Nursing conjoint degree.

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Jess wants to use her nursing degree to ease anxiety amongst hospital patients and staff through supportive, holistic care.

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The Hikitia Te Ora - Certificate of Health Sciences helped Stacy settle into Uni life and journey towards her aspirations.

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Medical student Logan Williams enjoys his study, which combines both research and his passion for neonatal medicine.

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Donamae pursued both her passion for caring and her interests in human biology and chemistry with the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.

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The Bachelor of Optometry combines Bianca's loves for science and patient interaction, preparing her for an extremely rewarding and challenging career.

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Cherry finds the Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences) to be both challenging and inspiring, providing her with the skills to move into further study.

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