Fran Mula

From a young age, Fran had an interest in a career in Medical Imaging. The Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours) enabled her to focus on this interest and play a part in improving patient care and health literacy.

Fran Mula

I have had an interest in medical imaging since I was young; I was quite unwell as a child and underwent several imaging examinations over the years. I ultimately made the decision to pursue Medical Imaging during my first year at university. I’d taken a physics course that consisted of a series of lectures focused on Medical Imaging.

Fran Mula Graduate : Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours)

“During academic blocks, your lecturers, classmates, and the Medical Imaging staff are there to support you. Whilst on clinical placements, your clinical coordinator, tutors, and qualified radiographers will help you reach your potential in the clinical setting. This degree offers a well-balanced and supportive environment which is beneficial for your growth as a student and individual.

“I believe the knowledge and skills that I’ve learned from my degree will allow me to help empower and educate my family and those in the community. As a healthcare professional, I hope to advocate for prevention and screening programmes. I want to encourage people to be proactive in their health. I also want to improve their health literacy in the radiology context.

“Having done my honours project on health literacy, I can apply my findings to my clinical practice to help further the advancement in Medical Imaging in Aotearoa.”