Wanasilinaika Leveanasiga

Wanasilinaika Leveanasiga (Nakasaleka, Kadavu (Paternal), Tavuki, Kadavu (Maternal) has always imagined herself working in healthcare and has received immense support from her family, friends and the team at the Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS).

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“With a passion for Biology and Chemistry in high school, I’ve always been aware of healthcare as a career option. It was my love of volunteering at retirement homes that really cemented my interest.

I was excited to enrol at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences – not only to pursue a career related to health, but also to be part of the inclusive and accepting on-campus culture. It was important for me to have a connection to my Pacific heritage, which was made easy by the Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS) and Hikitia te Ora (the Certificate in Health Sciences).

Wanasilinaika Leveanasiga (Nakasaleka, Kadavu (Paternal), Tavuki, Kadavu (Maternal) Graduate: Hikitia Te Ora – Certificate in Health Sciences, Student: Bachelor of Health Sciences

“Being part of MAPAS didn’t just mean that I had safe space to take a break from studies and chill. It also meant that I was part of a close-knit and supportive community. MAPAS House was a place to meet with student support advisors, gain access to tutors and build connections with other students.

“The Certificate in Health Sciences provided an environment where I could build my confidence in the academic space. I improved my note-taking, revising and essay-writing skills. This made me more confident going forward into my pre-med pathway, especially with subjects such as anatomy, physiology and chemistry. It also helped me to highlight my 'why' – my motivation for pursuing a career in medicine.

“I was also able to develop culturally through the cultural fono and wānanga that were prepared for us, offering exposure to the Māori and other Pacific cultures.

“Throughout my time at FMHS I have been provided with many opportunities to progress in my own cultural journey and awareness. It has been amazing to be able to build self-confidence in my identity as a Pacific student at university."