Holly Ngarui Kewene

Our faculty's programmes gave Holly the tools she needed to pursue a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

“From the age of four, I have had the drive to become a doctor. I was influenced by many role models, mainly being my koro who was the first Māori to become a registered dentist. At that young age I thought that was such an achievement and one to be truly proud of!

To feel represented in the healthcare system and to know that we, Māori and Pasifika, are more than capable of achieving success was really inspirational to me.

Holly Ngarui Kewene (Waikato-Tainui) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

“I chose to do the Hikitia Te Ora – Certificate in Health Sciences as some of my cousins had really advocated for how well it had prepared them for entering into med school. I would definitely recommend this programme as it sets you up perfectly to move from secondary school into studies. It provides you with the base foundation knowledge needed for first year studies into medicine.

“I’m super grateful for the Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS), and truly encourage all of our Māori and Pasifika students to apply under this scheme. MAPAS really does set you up with the resources you need to be able to comfortably get through the first year of uni.

“Through MAPAS, you are offered additional tutorials led by amazing tuākana who have been in the same situation as you, and are studying medicine themselves.”