Natassia Lily Peters-Raea

When Natassia (Villages: Alafua, Pesega and Vailoa, Samoa) was a young student, being a lawyer like her mother was her initial goal, but she quickly realised in high school that she was more drawn toward the Sciences, so studying Biomedical Science was a natural progression of her enjoyment.

Woman in lab coat smiling

“My parents have always been the primary push for my education and made the selfless move from Samoa to New Zealand so I could complete secondary schooling. In addition to the love and support from my family, MAPAS has been instrumental and so important in my university journey. Academic support in the form of tutorials, study spaces, academic advice and advocacy was crucial to reaching the finish line.

My incredible Student Support Advisor will always be special to me as someone who listened when I needed a soundingboard, advocated when I needed support and encouraged me when a test grade was disappointing.

Natassia Lily Peters-Raea (Villages: Alafua, Pesega and Vailoa, Samoa) Graduate: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

"I really could not have completed my university journey without this support from MAPAS. The pastoral care and cultural support MAPAS provided was invaluable and helped to shape my understanding of myself during university.

“Studying toward my BSc degree was the stepping stone I needed to join the Medical Programme and eventually contribute to the health workforce as a doctor. Working in this space allows me to advocate for Pasifika health, providing unique but necessary insights as a Pasifika doctor caring for Pasifika patients, allowing me to advocate where necessary for equitable health outcomes.”