Hannah Njo

Hannah Njo explains how the projects and leadership opportunities in the Bachelor of Health Sciences are preparing her for real-world problem solving.

"I started studying Biomedical Sciences with the hopes of getting into medicine but along the way discovered my passion for Population Health. It really resonated with me as I love looking at the bigger picture and solving problems.

"I really enjoy the projects where we get to design and propose interventions. We conduct research and think of creative ways to address the problem. This exercise puts into practice all the principles you learn in the Bachelor of Health Sciences such as equity, health determinants, stakeholder engagement, budgeting, and risk mitigation.

What you learn is designed for real world situations and is about transforming theory into action.

Hannah Njo Bachelor of Health Sciences student

"I have built strong networks with both students and staff here. The lecturers are passionate about what they do and they care. I have had the opportunity to be in leadership roles such as class representative for several courses and am currently on the undergraduate board of studies, steering committee, and research subcommittee. This has been invaluable and I can take these skills into the workforce.

"My dream job would be part-time teaching or research within the university and part time managing health interventions out in the community. I would like to be part of both worlds, playing a part in research but also putting it into action to create change.