Priyanka Malhotra

By studying her Bachelor of Science at FMHS, Priyanka Malhotra can study Genetics, Cancer Biology and, Immunology using the Grafton Campus labs and facilities.

"Biomedical Science is ever evolving with a large spectrum of opportunities and sub specialisations such as Genetics, Cancer Biology and, Immunology. The opportunity to explore and learn about a wide variety of fields was my motivation to continue in this field.

"The most valuable part of my studies is learning the theory and then putting it into practice in the labs!

"The entire journey has been exciting with lots to learn from every single course and the practical labs associated with the courses are engaging means we get to develop practical lab skills. Our lecturers are also people who are top of their fields and they pass on their knowledge in an engaging manner and are approachable to ask questions.

I am glad I chose to study here. I enjoy the cultural diversity at the University and there are many people from different backgrounds engaging with one another beyond academia. I think that is a key positive aspect for me.

Priyanka Malhotra Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

"There is always lot of get to know fellow students with pop-ups events, pop-up food stalls, and events organised by Auckland University Students' Association, which gives you valuable time for a break between busy academic schedules.

"This has been an exciting journey, not just on an academic but also on a personal level."