Luca Vinnell

The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences allowed Luca Vinnell to amalgamate two things he’s passionate about: science and creative thinking.

"There are currently no disease modifying treatments for many neurodegenerative diseases and symptomatic treatments are also currently underserved in many instances. There is considerable scope to improve healthcare of those with neurodegenerative disease – something I am excited to contribute to.

The BSc in Biomedical Science provides more ways to learn about the human body than just med school. Biomed combines science and creative thinking which are both things that I am passionate about.

Luca Vinnell Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

"During my studies I’ve really enjoyed neuroscience and assignments with self-directed research where we can learn about particular topics that interest us. Getting stuck into the literature about a topic that interests me is awesome. Another highlight has been meeting some great new people and having access to knowledgeable lecturers who provide you with great opportunities.

“I recommend the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences as there are fantastic staff who remember your name and will find time to meet with you personally to discuss your work and your future. I use all facilities, spending my time on Grafton almost 100% of the time. The people in this faculty are supportive, have helped me personally and have given lots of great advice, research, and employment opportunities.”