Colin Chan Chui

Embodying the Samoan values of Tautua (service) through being a doctor has always been important to Colin, who is studying towards a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

Colin Chan Chui

Becoming a doctor was always my goal growing up. Tautua (service) is a major value in Samoan culture, and I knew that having a qualification that allowed me to work in an impactful position required me to study at a tertiary institution.

Colin Chan Chui (Villages: Afega, Fagali’i & Sataoa (Upolu) and Salelologa (Savai’i), Samoa) Graduate: Hikitia Te Ora – Certificate in Health Sciences, Graduate: Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) Student: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

“Being a Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS) student has made my university experience feel effortless. I am surrounded by Māori and Pacific students who are like-minded and ambitious. This creates a motivating and empowering environment where you can be yourself. I first found out about MAPAS through STEAM, a high school engagement initiative to increase Maori and Pacific students studying STEAM subjects. MAPAS has supported me academically, financially, and pastorally throughout my studies while reminding me to stay grounded in my values of culture and faith. Most importantly, it reminds me that these values will help to serve my patients in my future as a health professional.

“Throughout my time as a medical student, there have been a number of special moments that I consider a privilege to have shared with my patients. Moments such as translating consultations for a Samoan patient and their family, fostering spaces where Māori and Pacific patients can discuss taboo topics that impact their health, and assisting with the delivery of a baby. I consider these valuable experiences a privilege because, as a medical student, the best teachers in our course are our patients. My skills as a future doctor would be limited if not for the patients who have chosen to share vulnerable and private moments of their lives with me.”