University of Auckland Case Centre

The University of Auckland Case Centre works with businesses and academics to develop and publish top-quality teaching cases and white papers.

About us

The University of Auckland Case Centre is the only organisation in New Zealand that specialises in developing and publishing teaching cases for academic and business use.

We draw on our extensive experience developing teaching cases for academics and business managers.

We deliver value by:

  • Helping students and managers apply critical thinking and reflection on complex business challenges as captured in teaching cases
  • Assisting academics and businesses to develop their training offering and a spectrum of experiences through the development and use of teaching cases and white papers
  • Closely working with businesses to shape their brand name through story-telling, cases and media coverage

Services for businesses

The University of Auckland Case Centre offers the following services for businesses:

  • Closely work with managers to develop an impactful teaching case for in-company training
  • Help business disseminate their story through various publication outlets in both professional magazines and case clearing houses
  • Collaborate with businesses to develop an internal capacity to publish white papers and media reports
  • Deliver story-telling workshops to train managers to disseminate the ethos of the firm

Services for academics

  • Closely work with academics to develop a publishable and impactful teaching case and notes for academic use
  • Deliver workshops on how to effectively use teaching cases in class
  • Help academics disseminate teaching cases and notes through case clearing houses
  • Train academics to write articles for professional outlets such as professional magazines and managerial academic journals

Contact us

For enquiries about our services please contact Ilan Oshri