Competition information

Information to help you understand and prepare for the New Zealand Economics Competition. We look forward to your participation.

How to enter

Entry forms, question booklets and response sheets will be sent out to those secondary schools who have indicated their interest in the competition. If your school has not participated in the past but is interested in the competition, please get in touch with us.

Entries must reach us by Friday 8 May 2020. To view a list of other important dates during the competition, please visit our Key dates page.

Marking scheme

  • Total possible marks range from 0 to 50
  • Each student starts with ten (10) marks
  • One (1) mark will be awarded for each correct response
  • One quarter (1/4) of a mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer, to avoid random guessing
  • Unanswered questions score zero (0) marks

Competition divisions

Awards and prizes for both Competitions will be in two divisions:

  • Division 1: Year 13 (Form 7)
  • Division 2: Year 12 (Form 6) and below

All students sit the same examination.

Award structure

Within each division, awards are allocated on a national basis as follows:

  • High Distinction: top 5%
  • Distinction: next 15% (top 6-20%)
  • Credit: next 30% (top 21-50%)
  • Participation: all other students

All participating students receive a certificate. The top performing students in each division will receive monetary prizes and the National Winner in each division will also receive a trophy.

Awards presentation evening

There will be an awards presentation evening held in Auckland to acknowledge and recognise students who achieved excellent results in each division. Their family members, teachers and principals are also invited to attend.

Schools are required to confirm their attendance to the awards presentation by Tuesday 22 September 2020.

To view a list of other important dates during the competition, please visit our Key dates page.

Comments from teachers about the competition

A selection of the feedback we have received from teachers involved in previous competitions.

  • "It's a great competition. It emphasises the practical importance and relevance of economics and lifts its profile among students. The special presentation evening for the HD winners is particularly thrilling for students and parents and reinforces the value and status of economics."
  • "Very broad range of questions ensuring that students have to keep up-to-date, as well as knowing theory content."
  • "This was my first association with the competition. I look forward to encouraging my classes to participate as an ongoing event. The certificates had a professional "finish" and are great adjuncts to a student's work portfolio."
  • "I appreciate the difficulty in compiling a test which suits students at different levels. This competition is a great learning experience for my students."
  • "Very professional. Will enter again next year."
  • "Great idea so students know how they compare to other students and we know how we compare to other schools. The school reports were excellent and very useful."
  • "I encourage the development of such competitions as they are useful for recognition as well as a tool for teaching."
  • "An excellent activity for students. It provides a great motivation for students as well as a method to display achievement."
  • "Tremendous encouragement for the students - acts as a real boost to their morale as they head towards their exams."
  • "Gives a good idea of how students are going compared with rest of the nation".
  • "Looking forward to it next year."

Contact us

For more information about the competition please contact the New Zealand Economics Competition organisers visit our Contact us page for contact details.